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The Art of Storytelling - Single used plastic

Over the past few decades, there has been enough research conducted showing the detrimental effects of single use plastics on marine life. However, there is a gap in people’s ability to visualise the hazards of this big environmental issue and there is a lack of urgent attention that it demands.

its indicated that over one trillion single use plastic bags are used globally. Each year, 10 percent of the plastic produced globally ends up in the ocean, while 70 percent will end on the ocean floor and unlikely to degrade. Globally, it is esti­mated there are over 100,000 marine animal deaths from swallowing plastic bags mistaken as food.

The dangers of marine pollution are not understood by many. It is high time for us to get our act together and put in sufficient effort to bring the necessary change and take these environmental issues very seriously and do some­thing to make a difference. We strongly believe that art can stimulate people to bring change in the society. That is exactly the reason why we conceived a unique art project to educate on the hazards of plastic pollution and to focus our efforts on tackling the wide-ranging effects of marine pollution.

The whole impetus of the project is to create a visual reference on the threat of single use plastic pollution is posing to marine life and humanity at large. Through this project, we aspire to give people an understanding, visual­ly, of the dangers of single use plastic pollution on a global basis and how it is relevant to their own lives. This awareness is crucial for people to take actions to safeguard the environment so that we do not look back after a few decades when time is lost and regret not taking any steps to prevent the catastrophe.

It is for us to understand that the marine pollution causes tremendous haz­ards and affects our lives negatively. To bring awareness to reduce marine pollu­tion, we are bringing together 6 artists to create 12 artworks on this subject.


Our hope is that the work of this project reaches the masses, stimulating their thinking on how to become conscious of the single use plastic pollution threat we face. By improving the awareness, people may start preventing sin­gle-use plastic from entering the environment, thereby reducing the pollution.

Through their artworks, artists are showing how rapidly the environment is changing. The objective of the project is to spur action from people around the world. The artists who collaborated on the project include Miha Artnak, Alfredo Pecile, Silvia Chaves, Ana Golovic, Atanas Atanasoski, and Manveer Singh Gau­tam.

Objective of the project

• Raise awareness of the huge amounts of single-use plastics entering

the environment every year.

• Raise awareness around the impact of littering on marine biodiversity

and the environment in general.

• Incorporate creativity and art to help spread and grab peoples’ attention

on significant environmental concerns.

• Encourage the public and youth to start minimizing the usage of single-use


• Involve youth in environmental concerns and inspire them to contribute

to taking action.

Now, maybe we should give artists a chance to strongly and precisely communicate the hazards of marine pollution and how educating ourselves on this topic is fundamental for the survival of our species and that of others too.


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