David Ebenezer "Mindscape"

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

19 - 25 January 2019

Art Hub Gallery, The Mall World Trade Center Abu Dhabi

"I was born in 1973 at Rajapalayalam, a town in Tamil Nadu, and grew up in the midst of age-old traditions, imbibing a great deal from the rich Indian cultural locale that surrounded me. Religion and religious themes play a big part in my life and in my art, which is influenced by Christian ethics as well as Christian beliefs. Spirituality is the most important ingredient for my art as I draw my energy from the Christian belief which enables me to accept, cultivate and interpret my deepest personal experiences into the fullest possible way through my canvas.

My exhibits are rigors of spiritual discipline of mundane trappings, detached conventional motif, but a projection of embodied self. I use my own psychic experiences as a measure of my expression, allowing it to ascend its manifestation embracing a cosmic totality. I like to interpret what I have seen and experienced into visual language that is enriched by my overflowing accumulation of personal and religious cipher. My works are concepts of “Life with an abundant blessing", "Pain through transgression”, emerging with meanings and connotations that are sometimes so personal but alien to others, and therefore, only lucid when looked at through the lens of my own psyche (which I am always ready to explain). "

In 1995, I held the first Solo show in Chennai debiting these concepts, where the title- Turmoil was the main attraction of the exhibition inaugurated by the legendary Film Director, Mr. Shankar and renowned Cameraman, Late Mr. Ashok Kumar. The works on display centered on the theme of Human Turmoil with the absence of God’s presence. In the same exhibition, I also displayed works that I had been working on which portrayed God’s Blessings in abundance. Ever since, my mind has been wandering around these concepts and displaying the same.

In my recent acrylic exhibit, I have moved towards figurative paintings which has helped me portray my concept in a much enhanced and stronger mood. The tone registered on these images range from the high seriousness of a sacred cosmic diagram to the long-winded wisdom within.

From the late 90's, as an alumnus of the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Madras, with Masters in Fine Arts, I found myself chaotically turning my own psychic experiences as artistic raw material; every tinge in the painting is triggered by my own corporeal entry.

I have received the National Award from The South Central Zone Cultural Center, Nagpur in 1997, The State Award from Lalith Kala Academy in 1995 and the Merit Scholarship from the Tamil Nadu Government in 1997. I have successfully conducted many Art Workshops and Art Exhibitions for students connecting with copious International Eminent Artist. I have dedicated myself as an Instructor of Fine Art for many years and I currently work and reside in the UAE.