BLOOM Exhibition by Ma Majda Crnisanin

23 - 30 April 2019

Art Hub Gallery, The Mall World Trade Center Abu Dhabi

Majda is born 22.04.1982 in Belgrade, Serbia. She mastered 2006, at Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

"We born, we grow, until we finally Bloom, as our high lite of life, the most powerful and intensive energy of sublimation. The greatest in you with an expecting spark of the moment Bloom. From that first spark into heart leading by brush until final touch on canvas, process of creation fly, until is catch by playful brush dancing at canvas with all her moves and glory in a play of colors.. tons ,draw.. trying to express that intensive picture in my head which trill my heart fool of passion.. founding her way to express it on canvas.. in mist first.. leading with great will to figure out how to clear it until final touch."