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We believe everyone is a born artist. With the drawing workshops under our nurturing and inspiring guidance, you can find your creative voice. The act of drawing can positively affect a person in unimaginable ways. Learning to draw increases cognitive functions and positive emotions. You will develop better abilities to focus, a skill that can help you in other areas of your life. Sign up today and make a difference.


Category: Kids and Adults

Schedule: All days (10 am to 8 pm)

Materials used: Graphite pencils, color pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, paper, and erasers

Fee: Starts from 95 AED


In our watercolor workshop, you will learn different unique techniques of watercolor apart from the usual wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, etc. The luminescence and brilliance of the medium will amaze you.


Category: Kids and Adults

Schedule: All days (10 am to 8 pm)

Materials used: Watercolor paints, special paper, and brushes

Fee: Starts from 95 AED


Learn the flexibility of working with the acrylic medium. It is a very forgiving medium and you can try many techniques. This is one of the most experimental and fun medium.


Category: Kids and Adults

Schedule: All days (10 am to 8 pm)

Materials used: Acrylic paints, canvas, and brushes

Fee: Starts from 95 AED


You can learn one of the most ancient and enjoyable media at our oil painting workshop. Our artist will guide you step-by-step in creating amazing artworks which you can take back home!

Whether you see yourself as a beginner, intermediate or more experienced artist, there is a workshop to suit you. We give you a fantastic learning experience in a friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere. Our this approach equips you to go forth and artistically multiply with confidence.


Category: Kids and Adults

Schedule: All days (10 am to 8 pm)

Materials used: Oil paints, linseed oil, canvas, and brushes

Fee: Starts from 95 AED

Soft Pastel

Come and try your hand at soft pastels. Soft Pastels is an amazing media which is popular for its blending quality and a myriad of colors. Beginners, as well as, advanced levels can join this fun and vibrant workshop.


Category: Kids and Adults

Schedule: All days (10 am to 8 pm)

Materials used: Soft pastels, blending tools, and paper

Fee: Starts from 95 AED


During the course you will be able to identify the function and the visual characteristics of some of the key scripts represented in the famous artworks: you will recognize ways calligraphers use the shapes of letters to decorate objects and convey a wide range of messages. 


Category: Teens and Adults

Schedule: Anytime (prebooking needed)

Materials used: Pen carved from dried bamboo, calligraphy ink, special paper

Fee: AED 150 for 1 session

        AED 1,050 for 8 session

1 hour per session

Art Instructor: Moayad Al Fukaha





Jewelry Making

This workshop covers basic techniques in jewelry making like wax molding, sawing, filing, soldering, bending, hammering and basic stone setting. from Award Winning Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith from Germany,

Category: Teens and Adults

Schedule: Prebooking

Materials used: Brass and Copper

Fee: AED 450 - 1 session

        AED 1500 - 4 sessions

        AED 2200 - 8 sessions

3 hours per session

Art Instructor: Lia Staehlin

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